Text Conversion

Joel Hammer jhammer2 at home.com
Sun Oct 14 10:23:03 GMT 2001

Samba doesn't do this for you.
There is software out there that gives you drag and drop conversion from
windows to linux/unix text formatting, and some of it is free.
But, it is so easy to do, cat file | sed 's/\x0d$//', why bother?
To go back, cat file | sed 's/^.*$/&\x0D/'
This takes a newer version of sed.

> Is there any way to get Samba to convert text files like FTP does? I 
> searched everywhere in the online documentation for a way to specify file 
> extensions to convert, but found nothing.
> If I drag and drop a text file from my Windows machine to a Samba share, I 
> would like Samba to convert the end-of-line characters to the Linux format.

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