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Rohit Peyyeti rohit at
Sat Oct 13 22:49:03 GMT 2001

Hello All:

I am new to this newsgroup so please if this
question does not really belong here, please
let me know.

This is the problem which I am facing:

I have in my office about 35 NT workstations and
1 NT server. Service Pack 5 has been installed on
*all* the workstations. I have enabled roaming
profiles with windows home drives setup. Everything
seem to be fine when users log in.

My problem is this: I have Linux server on to which
my Tape drive is connected. Using Samba, I am able
to connect to the users share on NT server. I wrote
a backup script which runs on Linux as a cron jon
which mounts NT users share using SMB. The share is
perfectly mounted. No problems here. But when my
backup script tries to recurse into the users
directories, it give me permission denied errors.

I mount NT shares using SMB with a specific NT
user. I have also added 'Backup Operators' to this
user, but no luck. I still get permission denied

I know why it gives me permission denied errors,
because that is the way NT homedrives work and
any sub directories created by the user has the
permissions only to him and not even the
administrator can access those directories.

I now need the Help regarding this permission
problems. Can anybody help me here?


Here more info on my configuration:

- Windows NT server 4.0 Service Pack 5
- RedHat Linux 7.1
  - Running Samba Server

- Windows NT workstation Service Pack 5

- Intel x86

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