WINS Server/Browsing help required

Inaki Sanchez isanchez at
Sat Oct 13 04:18:02 GMT 2001

> Hi there, thanks for the response.  I have added the IP address of the
> domain master browser to the lmhosts file - now this seems to 
> have helped
> somewhat.  The nmbd log now contains a list of machines from 
> the domain
> master browser on the* subnet and clients on the 
> new subnet can
> now browse everything!
> However I still get the message that the WINS server cannot 
> be contacted.
> The WINS server is the domain master browser, so how come I 
> can get a browse
> list but no WINS connection?

Browsing uses UDP port 138 (and TCP 139 for browse lists syncronizations), whereas all WINS stuff and name queries use UDP port 137. Have you checked that UDP 137 packets can go from one net to another? It your clients at local subnet, where the WINS server is, can register their names, then there is probably a network problem.

> Another problem I have is that 
> clients in the
> new subnet cannot find the domain controller when they logon 
> - however this
> is another issue!
> Thanks Again
> Richard

It could be the same problem: if your clients at remote subnet can't access its WINS server, they won't be able to find its DC.

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