hungarian chars

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Oct 13 04:17:03 GMT 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Trenyik Zsolt wrote:

> hi, I have a Win2k with a shared folder named with a lot of hungarian
> characters. I tried to smbmount this folder, but this doesn't work:
> #in smb.conf:
> character set = ISO8859-2
> client code page = 852
> valid chars = á:Á

Can you access it with smbclient? I haven't checked but it could be that
smbmount ignores the "character set/client code page" settings even for

After mounting everything is done by smbfs, and that relies on the kernel
nls code to translate characters when doing 'ls' and such. For that you
need to set the iocharset/codepage options to smbmount (see the manpage).


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