Windows XP and Samba Domain.

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Fri Oct 12 09:36:21 GMT 2001

Well I really got myself into it this time...

I'm a novice when it comes to linux, so it's not surprising that when i went
to fix this little, annoying issue, I caused myself a huge headache...

I'm running RedHat 7.0 with Samba 2.0.7 SSL.

In order to fix the XP/Win2K issue I uninstalled the Samba packages (Main,
common, client) and installed the 2.2.1a package from the samba
site...hoping that all would be well.

I copied the *.rpmsave files back to their old locations so that my conf.
files would be alive and well and my passwd files would work but....then it
all went to hell.

I have the samba server setup as the domain controller, but now clients
can't log in...all clients can't log in.  Print services aren't working
properly and I can't access shares.

The strange thing is that I can still browse the network and see the shares
and printers, I just can't use them anymore.

What did I do wrong.  Do i need to reinstall 2.2.1a and build my conf file
from scratch and add users from scratch?  Am I missing something simple?

Thanks in advance.

by the way.  This entire effort was just to get a new XP system to log into
the Samba domain...


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On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, SPENER Christian wrote:

> p.s.: thx eloy for his deb files and the samba team for samba.
> would it be possible to include eloys debian directory into the samba cvs
> so people could make their own cvs-deb files only by entering
> dpkg-buildpackage ?

We're working on it.  :-)  Won't happen in time for 2.2.2 though.
Soon after I hope.

cheers, jerry
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