W2K -Printing again

Wade Winright Wwinrigh at thecreek.com
Fri Oct 12 07:58:43 GMT 2001

I can give you a suggestion that worked for me for the after reboot no
printer access. Make sure your printing daemon starts before your smb
starts. It seems that samba won't see an lpq/lpstat if there isn't one.
Funny how that works!! Hope this helps, and if I'm way off base, someone let
me know...

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Hi all,
my Printing under Samba 2.2.1a works fine (with 25 x Win9X).

But under W2K are many effects like this:

Cannot change the Printer-Name .
After second booting, I have no access to the printer .

File access to the PDC from W2K is O.K.

Is there any additional setup for W2K required ????

Sebastian Wern

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