Large backup files from ntbackup to a samba share

Ivan Fernandez ivan at
Fri Oct 12 05:49:03 GMT 2001

Hi all,

	I'm experiencing a problem when NTBACKING'UP my W2000 Server files against
a Linux 2.4.9 + ReiserFS 3.6 file system + Samba share.

	It works OK for the first 4 Gb's around file size. Then ntbackup stops
serving data and the file on the samba side appears to be downsized to 0 and
growing ssssslowly. Once you stop ntbackup by killing the process, the file
reappears at its real size (more than 4Gbs), but, since ntbackup stopped, it
is impossoble to recover.

	I have also created a local 22Gb. file in the W2000 Server, then moved it
to the Linux box via Samba and it worked OK!, so there's something between
ntbackup and samba shares.

	Any idea, any help?


P.S. I also had the idea of using a FIFO file to pipe the info from ntbackup
into a gzipped file, but unfortunately ntbackup destroys the file and
recreates it as a normal file even if you tell it to Append instead of
Replace data, a pity... (any suggestion accepted!)
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