Is this a samba problem or soemthing else: No logon server available

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Fri Oct 12 03:19:05 GMT 2001


Sorry to add to your no doubt ever expanding emails.  I have tried the
mailing list and the irc but no one is answering me so I am guessing this
is either a very stupid error by me or no one knows what is happening.

Using Samba 2.0.9 on FreeBSD4.3 as a Domain Server.

All clients can logon fine to the server running samba and logon batch
files are all run fine.

Before the problem all Printer and Drive sharing worked fine, something
changed at some time, I do not know when exactly. 

I really just want to get you to say whether it is a samba problem or not,
If not I can look elsewhere:-)

The problem is when I browse the network neighboorhood on a client machine
to effectively connect a client to another machines shared printer or
shared drive, I get
the error message:-

\\Machine is not accessible

There are currently no logon servers avialable to service the logon

Now I did notice that I had user level access on but when I changed back
to shared level access the problem is still there.

Here is the relevent parts of the smb.conf, not sure if something is

   workgroup = HINWICK
   server string = Samba Server V%v ON %h
   hosts allow = 10. 127.

   log file = /usr/local/logs/samba/log.%m
   debug level = 1
   max log size = 250
   security = user
   netbios name = dorisday

   socket options = TCP_NODELAY
   interfaces =
   bind interfaces only = yes

 browse list = Yes
 domain master = Yes
 domain logons = Yes
 local master = Yes
 preferred master = Yes
 os level = 65
 logon script = scripts\%U.bat
 logon path = "\\%L\Profiles\%U"
 logon home = "\\%L\Profiles\%U"
 wins support = Yes
 dns proxy = Yes

Although I have wins support as Yes, no clients have any wins servers
specified. I do hope this is not it because I will get really confused
since we have never had the clients configured to a wins server.

Here is the last part of of the nmb log:-

  Samba server DORISDAY is now a domain master browser for workgroup

[2001/10/10 10:02:01, 0]
  Attempting to become domain master browser on workgroup HINWICK on
[2001/10/10 10:02:01, 0]
  become_domain_master_browser_bcast: querying subnet for
domain master browser on workgroup HINWICK
[2001/10/10 10:02:06, 0]
  become_logon_server_success: Samba is now a logon server for workgroup
HINWICK on subnet
[2001/10/10 10:02:10, 0]

  Samba server DORISDAY is now a domain master browser for workgroup
HINWICK on subnet

[2001/10/10 10:02:24, 0]

  Samba name server DORISDAY is now a local master browser for workgroup
HINWICK on subnet


Can anyone shed any light on my problem?

BTW: we are running policy's and there is a config.pol


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