Can't see samba server from Win98 machine - full data

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Fri Oct 12 00:29:04 GMT 2001

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> try using security=server
> and check whether your win98 workgroup is the same as
what >you stated in
> smb.conf
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Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your tips. The workgroup is the same for
sure. I will try with the "server" security option, but I
am afraid the problem is somwhere lower. As you can saw by
my extensive message, in "tcpdump" it seems that the
netbios-ssn service doesn't reply, although "netstat"
reports it as "LISTENing". I suspect the problem is
somwhere in the TCP/IP stack, above IP (the two computers
can "ping" each-other) but below Samba (locally, I can
connect through {smbclient '\\nkhome\tmp'} to any samba
share). I am at work now, but when I get home, I'll try
your issue.

Ioan (John) NIKY Pricop
Bucharest - ROMANIA
pniky at

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