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Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at
Thu Oct 11 18:35:02 GMT 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Skyraven wrote:

> I'm pretty new Newbie in Samba,
> Hello List,,,
> I have 10 windows 2000 , 1 win98 and 3 win95 workstations hanged to a suse
> server 6.4.  with the current configuration everybody can do whatever they
> want. I mean, they can delete any folder in the samba server.

It seems to me that you want to grab the current CVS stuff for 2.2 (or wait a
while for 2.2.2 to come out.  It can do all of the above

> I want to:
> 1. convert my samba server in a domain controller..  I need to create the
> users, and activate the users logon authentication , create the users and so
> on,...

2.2 support PDC's the Win2k machines will also work.  The docs on setting up a
PDC seem pretty good.

> 2. Configure disk quotas, so when they log on, they can have their own home
> folder at the server.

Yup.  I suggest you go with 2.2 serries kernel.  The quota in 2.4 is ina state
of flux.  There is no doubt that the new quota stuff (in 2.4-ac trre) is
better BUT you probably don't need it in a network your size.

The great thing about the samba quoata support is the once the drive is mapped
the user will see it as a 100Mb disk (assuming you give them a 100Mb quota)

> 3.  I have  a sbm folder I named archivos.,, I have a problem... whoever can
> delete the forders I create  inside of the archivos folder,, How can I
> restrict the access to the folders? I mean,,, I want that users that access
> the folders inside of the main archivos folders just can read and modify ..
> I Need not to grant the permission of deletind
> the idea is that users can see and modify,,, Not delete...

This one is a litle harder.  You may want to lok at ACL's

Yours Tony.

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