Lower case/upper case problems

Ayson, Alison {Info~Palo Alto} ALISON.AYSON at ROCHE.COM
Thu Oct 11 14:19:18 GMT 2001

Ok..this seems like it shouldn't be that hard to figure out but I'm confused

How can I make sure that whatever case a file is created with is what's
shown in NT explorer?

Let me explain:

If I create a file in all uppercase on my unix file system (which is also a
samba share) it shows up as a mixed case file within NT explorer, with only
first letter capitalized.   (Normally I would never create an all uppercase
file on a unix file system anyway...but it's not my application that's
wanting to use all uppercase. Don't ask...).

So I create the file "TEST.TXT" on Unix.  On Unix I execute an "ls" command
to verify that this file was created with all uppercase letters.  I then go
to NT explorer and browse this file.  It shows up as "Test.txt".  However if
I create an all uppercase file on this share from NT Explorer (using
"File-->New-->Text File"), it remains all upper case both on NT explorer and
on unix.

I know this must have something to do with "preserve case" or "mangeled
case" or "short perserve case"  or "WHATEVER case".  But for the life of me
I can't figure out which option controls this.

Please help!  Thanks.....

  -- Alison Ayson

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