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Barry Smoke barry at
Thu Oct 11 13:19:02 GMT 2001

We were invaded by multiple viruses on our samba server today.  We have a
linux box running qmail, with qmail-scanner to prevent viruses from entering
our network.  We are using mcafee with qmail-scanner, so it scans every
message, and rejects it in case of a virus.  Apparently someone allowed a
virus in anyway, probably through an outside e-mail account.  Some of these
latest viruses also invade network connections also, and I have seen
discussion of this on this list.  I was able to protect against nimda with
the veto files global option, but all of our jpegs are now3 .vbs from
another virus....

Is it time to discuss implementing a virusscan wrapper for samba?  I know
there are products for novell servers that scan, so that it prevents server
infection.  I'm sure that there are scanners for nt also.
There are several scanners that work on linux, but that I know of, none that
can integrate into samba to provide on the fly scanning of anything written
to the server.

Is it time for a project for this?

Barry Smoke
Network Administrator
Bryant Public Schools

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