Strange Error.....

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make sure that /, /root, and /root/tmp  all have at least read and execute
permissions for user,group AND other, and see if this doesn't help.

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I have a Windows 98 computer network (10 computers) and one computer running
Samba. From Windows I can see the computer that is running Samba BUT when I
press a doble click over it to see shared folders I see the following Error.
Impossible to have acess to //Serv. The server is not configured to
transaction [1] (Serv is the name of the computer running Samba).

 - On  the file smb.conf  - I'm using Security = User
- The user exist on Linux and Samba

In the log file (var/log/samba/log.compu1) I can see the following message
[Date] smbd/service.c:make_connection (501)
Can't change directory to /root/tmp (Permisson denied)

I think it is not a rights problem because I gave full right to everybody
for this folder (Just to test) and the problem continued.

I'm soory because of my poor english. I hope it is good enought to try to
explain my problem

Thank you very much for you time and help

Elidier Moya R
Costa Rica

[1] The text of the message could be a little bit different because I'm
using spanish Windows. So this text is my translation

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