winbindd: Domain password server not available.

Winston Nimchan Winston_Nimchan at
Thu Oct 11 11:05:22 GMT 2001

Hi Jerry:

I got the 2_2 source and compiled on RH 7.0. Can't seem to get winbind
to work. I followed the sample in the winbindd man page, but couldn't
find the samedit program referenced in that document to add my samba box
to the domain. So I went ahead and used smbpasswd to sucessfully add
myself to the domain.

I changed my smb.conf to use DOMAIN, but when I try to browse from my
win client i am prompted for a username/password, its not accepting
anything i put in

Also I did not see my users increase as suggested in the man page to
include the domain users.

Any ideas?


Winston Nimchan

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On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> I installed samba-tng-cvs because I wanted to experiment with
> winbindd. I had it working half way (not totally, could not
> figure out why yet), then the latest windows worm struck and
> my windows admins fixed something and winbind worked nomore.

You need SAMBA_2_2 to play with winbind.  SAMBA_TNG on
is outdated and no longer being development by Samba team members.
See for more information on the Samba TNG

cheers, jerry
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