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Thu Oct 11 10:14:11 GMT 2001


I am not sure how much help I will be on the issue of password changes, but 
I can tell you sole areas where the print serving may be going wrong:

The printing process from Linux has a definite pipeline, and this can 
usually be tested in pieces to determine where the problem lies.

The pipeline (excluding SAMBA) is as follows:

1: LPR transfers document in prinable form to LPD (or LPng, LPQ, etc).
2: LPD queues document until printer is available.
3: When printer becomes available, LPD sends the document through a filter 
and to the printer.

These steps may be slightly out of order but they work from a 
troubleshooting point of view.

OK.  When Samba prints a document, it spools the document in a temporary 
location and then processes the document through the lpr command, or 
whatever you have specified in your smb.conf and this begins the process 

So, the initial questions are:

1:  Can you print from Linux.  If you can, it is a problem with your printer 
specifications in the smb.conf.  Otherwise, it is a problem with your 
printer configuration.  You should be able to trace how far the document 
gets by looking in the various directories specified in the smb.conf and the 
printcap files.  This should help you narrow down where the problem is.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

>I upgraded Samba 2.2.1 as file & print server for 300 users ( Red Hat Linux
>7.0 is my Operating system)
>I updated Novell 4.1 to Linux samba 2.2.1.
>Now our Samba server is act as Domain controller also. All 300 user logon
>to the server & access file & printer sharing.
>My samba PDC & file server working properly.
>But I am facing  problem in two area as given,
>1.   Our users can't able to change smbpassword from there workstation
>(win95, win98, winNT).
>         I tried change smbpasswd from win95 workstation from control
>panal-password- change other password option,
>         but I am fail.
>       Please suggest me solution for users will change their own
>smbpassword from their workstation.
>2.  My print server is not working.
>In our organisation five HP 5000n printer (network printer) , 20 Dot matrix
>printer (different brand) , 20 deskjet printer (HP & Epson) .
>How can I manage all printer in samba print server?
>How Can I give the access for printer to users?
>Please Help me these area . I attached my samba configuration file smb.conf
>also. Please read it & suggest me changes
>which make my server to strong & powerful. Help me other area also which
>are I wrongly configured.
>(See attached file: smb.conf)
>Satish Narkhede
>(UUEncoded file named: smb.conf follows)
><< smb.conf >>
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