Getting Rid of NetBIOS/Computer Names

Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Oct 11 07:19:11 GMT 2001

On Thursday 11 October 2001 10:02, <marion.haines at>(Marion Haines) wrote:
> How do you get rid of outdated NetBIOS/computer names that continue to show
> up in Network Neighborhood???  We have some that have been showing up for
> days after they were changed/deleted.

They should clean themselves up over time.  I've never seen them hang around for days before, though.
Everything should straighten out in a couple of hours.

> I'm I missing some setting in Samba, in the client setup, or is this the
> way an NetBIOS-based-network works???

Not really.  My guess would be browser problems/WINS misconfig.  Make sure all machines on the network
are configured properly with regard to WINS.  If you're using win9X anywhere on the network, I would
suggest that you disable WINS altogether and remove any WINS server (these systems seem to be
broken with regard to WINS)

Some more details of your network layout and client pool might yield more detailed answers from the list.

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