Win2000_plain Password

Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Oct 11 06:54:05 GMT 2001

Simon Jackson wrote:
> Help,
> I have applied this to a win200 machine, and now it won't restore mapped
> drives or allow access to shares on the network, either as a user or an
> administrator through a TCP dial up connection (RAS). When I login to the
> network at my desk it's using TCP and Netbuie (some quirk on our name
> resolution I believe) and the mappings work OK. any ideas??. I have set this
> key back to zero and restarted but still not work.

It would be better to send queries like this to the samba list. 

My guess would be that the NT machine you are using as the RAS server
does not accept plaintext passwords (at least for this service). I
don't use RAS so I cannot verify this. You say you set the key to 0
and restarted but it still does not work. What machine did you 
restart? What is the exact failure? Saying it doesn't work isn't much

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