preserving file creation date and time when using smbclient

Hans-Joachim Fabry Achim.Fabry at
Thu Oct 11 06:25:03 GMT 2001

Hi there,

i'm using smbclient from a script to perform an automated replication of my
FreeBSD based backup server on a daily basis. This method creates a mirror
of my backup server's directories on a second machine with one exception:

The file date and time doesn't reflect the original file creation date and
time but the time when the replication took place.

Does anybody know an option or a hidden switch to prevent smbclient from
doing this?

As another approach i tried the FreeBSD smbfs, where after mounting the
target share as smbfs filesystem, i could perfrom the replication using
cp -p -R (the p-Option preserves the original file creation date and time).
But smbfs is very unhandy, needs a new kernel and has some other
disadvantages, so i don't want to use it.

Thank you

Achim Fabry

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