unknown %a [was Re: Shares disappear in Windows 2000 (Samba 2 .2.1a)]

Dietrich Heise Dietrich.Heise at net-and-works.de
Thu Oct 11 06:01:03 GMT 2001


>> > > include=smb.conf.public.%a was changed to
>> > > include=smb.conf.public.UNKNOWN
>> >                           ^^^^^^^
>> > What client os was this from?
>> This wasn't put there by a client. My samba server somehow changed my
>> smb.conf file without asking me. I don't want to track this down right
>> now but maybe it was done by testparms, or maybe by SWAT. Joel
> OK.  What you are saying doesn't make sense to me.
> Can you please give me some mroe details?  Was the actual
> smb.conf modified on disk?  Or did testparm output report
> this as "include = smb.conf.public.UNKNOWN"?  The latter
> would make sense as there is no client operating system
> when checking smb.conf with testparm.

I don't use the %a
in the smb.conf I have the following entry:
include = smb.conf.%U what should be to:
include = smb.conf.anna if User:anna connects to the Samba-Server.

Dietrich Heise

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