Configuring network in win9x

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Oct 11 01:06:06 GMT 2001

"Mark A. Tagliaferro" wrote:
> Ok I solved my problems. It seems that for windows the words workgroup and
> domain are the same.  So you have to have the same name for the domain (domain
> name in linux) and workgroup = in smb.conf & they have to be set up as so in
> windows.
> Now I have a new problem...
> How do you export the smbpasswd file over NIS?
> You use the Makefile in the /var/yp directory to create and update maps.  There
> is a line all: in it where you define the maps to share.  In my file (SuSE 7.1)
> there is a commented line with all the possible maps there are to make.  But
> there isn't one for the smbpasswd file.
> Any ideas?


(There are many better ways to do this kind of thing, see 'security =

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