Configuring network in win9x

Mark A. Tagliaferro be_lak at
Thu Oct 11 00:18:44 GMT 2001

Ok I solved my problems. It seems that for windows the words workgroup and
domain are the same.  So you have to have the same name for the domain (domain
name in linux) and workgroup = in smb.conf & they have to be set up as so in

Now I have a new problem...

How do you export the smbpasswd file over NIS?  

You use the Makefile in the /var/yp directory to create and update maps.  There
is a line all: in it where you define the maps to share.  In my file (SuSE 7.1)
there is a commented line with all the possible maps there are to make.  But
there isn't one for the smbpasswd file.

Any ideas?


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