connecton reset by peer - socket problem

John Chiu john-chiu at
Wed Oct 10 19:31:03 GMT 2001

i set up a samba on redhat with a 192.168.x.x ip and and alias of a real
ip.  on the lan i have win nt and win 2k with real ip that can access
the samba without difficulty, but when the win 98/me workstations, with
192.168.x.x ip's, try to connect to the samba, it would be either very
slow, or saying that the lan is busy, or cannot connect at all.  then,
in the samba, i'll see the log saying that "error on writing 4 bytes to
socket 5 (or 6), connection reset by peer, exit now...".

and, the samba  does not seem to be visible on the "network
neighbourhood" stably.  i have specifically written a statement of
"allow hosts = 192.168.0. (followed with the real ips for the win
nt/2k)" in the config file.  i'm very much annoyed by this.

pls pls pls help to point out what have i done wrong

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