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Herring, Stacey B stacey.herring at
Wed Oct 10 07:15:04 GMT 2001

i keep getting this error message when i try to use samba from my win98 box
to connect to my solaris7 unix box.  i can get the smbclient to work from
unix to unix but not windows to unix.  i always get the following message
even though i am using my correct password:
C:\WINDOWS>net use s: \\stargate\sherring
The password is invalid for \\STARGATE\SHERRING. For more information,
your network administrator.
Type the password for \\STARGATE\SHERRING:********

Error 5: You do not currently have access to this file. The file may be
marked read-only, or it may be part of a shared resource such as a folder, a
named pipe, a queue, or a semaphore. You can use the ATTRIB command to
the read-only attribute, or try again later when the file may be available.

Type the password for \\STARGATE\SHERRING:^C

for reference, here is my smb.conf file:
    workgroup = edsrdaj01
    netbios name = stargate
    interfaces =
    bind interfaces only = yes
    keepalive = 60
    local master = no
    socket address =
    username = sherring
    guest account = sherring
    guest ok = yes
    #read only = no
    #user = sherring
    path = /export/home/sherring
    debug level = 3
    log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log. %m
    writeable = true

what's even more frustrating is that i can see the unix share from my
windows network neighborhood browse list but when i click on it, it prompts
me for a password.  when i enter the password, i get a password incorrect
message.  any help will be greatly appreciated.


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