SAMBA (Performance problem: many concurrent RO operations on the same file)

Yaroslav Sokolov yarick at
Wed Oct 10 05:24:03 GMT 2001

Hello, Neven!

> i have red your inquiery about slow samba when RO operation is happening on the same file.  We have the same problem with SAMBA on SOLARIS. Did you maybe solved the problem somehow ?

Unfortunately, I could not solve this problem. I tweaked many SAMBA's parameters but
nothing could help me with this problem.

I did not get ANY reaction either from Samba mail list or from Samba work group.
I am afraid of nobody tries to use Samba with such load for serious things.
So I had to use windows.

					Yaroslav M. Sokolov

p.s. Please, let me know, if you get a solution.

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