Printing, TDB's and confusion

James Sewell james.sewell at
Tue Oct 9 14:02:03 GMT 2001


We have recently upgraded to Samba 2.2.1.a and are having trouble with 
our printer setup when trying to use the TDB  method of storing 
printer/diver info.

I can load up rpcclient fine, and I see all my printers from smb.conf. 
That bit is as expected. I can load in a Win2K ("Windows NT x86") driver 
for a printer, then link the driver to the printer. That works fine too, 
the printer can be installed off a client. I can even script this 
translation to do the slurp from old printers to the TDB ... but that is 

However when I try to load up some Win95 drivers in rpcclient ("Windows 
4.0")  Win95 clients do not pick them up. I have tried

- Loading 2K, then 95 drivers with the same name then linking with setdriver
- Loading just 95 drivers then linking with setdriver
- Loading just 2K drivers then linking with setdriver

I think the problem is that 95 clients are not searching the TDB 
properly or some such. If I just have the 95 drivers, and I also have a 
legacy PRINTER$ stuff set up (printer driver etc...) then the drivers 
will load out of the PRINTER$ share. If I disable this share it will 
decide it doesn't know what to do and ask me to pick a driver.

Can Anyone help..... smb.conf is attached

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2001/08/14 12:19:15

# Global parameters
        workgroup = blarg
        netbios name = blarg
        netbios aliases = PRINTHOST PRINT558 PRINT540 PRINT535 PRINT175
        interfaces =
        security = SERVER
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        map to guest = Bad Password
        null passwords = Yes
        password server = krypton
        deadtime = 15
#       shared mem size = 5242880
        socket options = IPTOS_LOWDELAY TCP_NODELAY
        local master = No
        wins server =
        guest account = guest
        printing = lprng
        printer admin = james
        printer driver file = 
        include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%L

        comment = Printer Drivers (Temporary for astron setup)
        path = /system/samba/drivers/Win9x/printers
        writeable = Yes
        guest ok = Yes

        comment = Install Directories for Printer Drivers
        path = /system/samba/drivers/Win9x/printers
        guest ok = Yes

        path = /system/samba/printer_drivers
        guest ok = yes
        browseable = yes
        read only = yes
        write list = james, root
        comment = 558 AT Cell R0 (HP LaserJet 5000N)
        path = /system/samba/print/spool/deer
        read only = No
        guest ok = Yes
        print ok = Yes
        postscript = No
        print command = /usr/bin/lpr -l -P %p %s -s
        lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -P %p
        lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -l -P %p %j
        lppause command = /usr/sbin/lpc hold %p %j
        lpresume command = /usr/sbin/lpc release %p %j
        queuepause command = /usr/sbin/lpc -P%p stop
        queueresume command = /usr/sbin/lpc -P%p start
        printer name = deer
        printer driver = deer
        printer driver location = \\%L\printer$\deer

<<all other printers similar>>

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