Configuring network in windows 9x

Mark A. Tagliaferro be_lak at
Tue Oct 9 03:27:03 GMT 2001

Ok I may be blind or something but there doesn't seem to be a document telling
newbies like me how to configure windows (via networking in control panel) to
work with samba.

My main questions are as follows

1) in the identification, tab workgroup shoud be the same as workgroup in
smb.conf   correct?
2) the acces control tab, acces control set to user-level and obtain list of
users and groups set to what? netbios name, workgroup name, ip address of
? from all these I'm getting an error.
3) properties of client for microsoft networks: log on to windows NT domain -
on, windows nt domain - domain name on server, the rest should not be of
consequence.  correct?

I am desparate for an answer


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