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Mon Oct 8 17:03:03 GMT 2001

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> Hi,
> I've been used smbmount (or mount -t smbfs) to connect share folder on NT.
> I could not used this mount point for a long time.  I donot know what's wrong!
> this is my command
> smbmount -o username=root,password=root //nt_machinename/share_folder
> /mnt/nt_share_folder
> SF

I am using samba 2.0 and have had the same problem.  It may be fixed in 2.2.

The following script is a hack that works.  I put it in a file called

while true
do mount | grep smbfs | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | xargs ls > /dev/null
sleep 60

A slightly better solution is to use a cron job run every few minutes.  In which
case all that is required is:
do mount | grep smbfs | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | xargs ls > /dev/null

(You may need to include the full path names for the commands.)
See man crond, man crontab and man 5 crontab for details on cron.



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