quotas has me stumped

Tony Ricker rickera2 at SLU.EDU
Mon Oct 8 14:29:31 GMT 2001

Hello all,
    Here is my setup: Redhat 7.1 with samba 2.2.1a. I have quotas
working on a per user basis. But here is the problem, if a user, say
user1, is part of a group that has access to a folder, the folder
inherits the quota from user1. If I change the quota roe user1 through
edquota, it propagates to the group share. For obvious reasons, this
will not work for me because I need to store 7GB files in the group
share but do not want to give user1 a 7GB quota. Am I missing something?
This has perplexed me for some time and I would appreciate any help

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