mod_auth_smb problems

Nathan etherwolf at
Mon Oct 8 09:41:04 GMT 2001

Sorry if this is at all off-topic, but I am having some interesting issues with my Apache server and
I think it's got something to do with my auth_smb module.

Here's what's happening: For some reason on Thursday afternoon, my intranet site I've been working
on decided that I need to log in for EVERYTHING. Like, every single image wants you to log in before
it will download it. If you refresh the page, it wants you to log in. It's EXTREMELY annoying on a
machine I'm working on all day... especially since my index has 14 images... that's 15 logins just
to see the page.

I am doing all my authentication via the httpd.conf file, like so:
<Directory "/usr/local/www/net/htdocs">
   Options Indexes
   AllowOverride None
   Auth_SMB_Server NTSERVER
   Auth_SMB_Domain NTDOMAIN
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "intranet"
   Require valid-user

It has no problems with the actual validating, it just wants to validate everything. This was all
working flawlessly before Thursday, and I know I didn't change anything on my end... could this
possibly have to do with my WinNT 4/SP6 domain server setup?

Anyone else had this problem before?


# Nathan

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