linux-2.4.9 smbfs: samba does not samb

qMax qmax at
Mon Oct 8 04:49:01 GMT 2001


I have samba 2.2.1a, linux-2.4.9-devfs (client) and mount 2.11h.
Server is linux 2.2.16 and samba 2.2.1a too.

when trying to mount with mount:

#mount -t smbfs //host/share dir
smb_read_super: missing data argument

#mount -t smbfs -oanyoption //host/share dir
smbfs: mount_data version SOMENUMBER is not supported
/* SOMENUMBER depends on given options */

when mounting with smbmount and logging in with smbclient
everything is ok.

Is it kernel smbfs bugs or some version miscompatiblity ?


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