FreeBSD connectivity problems on a Win98se and Win2k Pro machine

Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun Oct 7 12:45:02 GMT 2001

Yves Gattegno wrote:
> Hi
> Maybe your samba server may not be actually working.
> What if you try to connect from your own server using smbclient
> and/or smbmount ?

This sounds very likely, use the smbstatus command on the server to
see if samba is running.  Also verify the setup in your smb.conf file
to make sure everything is OK (testparm as described below)
Another note: Last I checked, the FreeBSD ports collection kept samba-2.0.X
in the /usr/ports/net/samba directory, while samba-2.2.x was in
/usr/ports/net/samba-devel.  There was some talk about changing this
recently, but apparently it hasn't been done yet.  If you suspect that
your samba installation may be problematic, try installing from ports.
The samba-devel port is currently 2.2.1a and contains a number of patch
files, these may be required for Samba to work properly on 

> You can set the logs to most verbose level and see what's in the logs.
> You can also use testparm command to check that your smb.conf file
> does not contains errors.
> Yves

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