Samba over SSH

Phillip Hofmeister plhofmei at
Sun Oct 7 11:54:02 GMT 2001

Greets all:

I have run into an interesting problem while running samba 
over SSH.  I've set up a tunnel by editing 
C:\windows\lmhosts, aliased my samba server name 
to " ServerName #DOM:SGC(my Work Group name) 
#PRE".  I've forwarded port 139.  The tunnel and forwarding 
seem to work fine.  I can map the shares to drives, copy 
files from the share to the local client, delete files from 
the share, etc.  One problem I have ran in to is attempting 
to OPEN a file with any application.  For example: When I 
double click on S:\readme.txt I get the message:

The directory name is invalid.

This error message appears with a variety of file types and 
different applications.

Has anyone run into a similar situation, if so, how did you 
work around it?


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