2 computers, different IP class, problems connecting

Frederik Vanrenterghem frederik at maui.kotnet.org
Sat Oct 6 12:40:07 GMT 2001


I've got a Linux box with IP (through DHCP via cablemodem on
WAN) and a Windows 98 laptop which doesn't get an IP from the DHCP
server, so it's IP is fixed as

On the linux box, i've done ifconfig eth0:1 and also added a
route: route add -net netmask eth0

Situation: I can mount a windows share on the Linux box, but not the
other way round. From Linux, I can ping, but from Windows I
can't ping, only

This might not be an immediate samba-issue, but I was hoping someone on
this list has been in a similar situation before...

Thanks for all help, and please CC replies to me since I'm not

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