smbmnt 2.2.0: permission denied

Gert van Valkenhoef danger_sys at
Sat Oct 6 12:13:03 GMT 2001


I'm using smbmnt 2.2.0 to mount my windows network
drives from linux.
I have them set up correctly in fstabs, and I have set
UID on for smbmnt. I also gave all users write-access
to the mountpoint directories (just in case).
When logged in as 'root' user, it mounts correctly, 
but it won't be mounted by any other user.

If I try, I get the following error:
cannot mount on /media/pc1_c: Operation not permitted
smbmnt failed: 1

I have been looking for a solution for several hours
now, but I can't seem to find one.
So maybe you know what I'm doing wrong, or should I
get a different version?


Gert 'DanGer' van Valkenhoef

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