ACL and Redhat

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I can't tell you I used it in production, because I was only testing
(actually I am still testing, looking for the best solution for my company).

I've seen places using acls in production systems, although it is not very
common yet. For the places I have seen it working, I haven't heard of
problems nor complaints.

Also, most backup solutions won't recognize the files acls (although there's
an application that will backup all acls to one file, then you can backup
this one file).

If I were you, I would do some heavy testing before putting acls into


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Gustavo -

Just saw your (far better) answer to Bill's question.

This ACL patch - have you used it in anger ?  I have been looking for this
but am a little reticent to use it on production servers if it is still
experimental.  Is it up to it ?


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You will need a patched kernel for acl support. Look at Then you can set permissions from a w2k client

The searchable mail archive is found at


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Hi all- 
I have Redhat 7.1 running with Samba 2.2.1a.  Where can I get an ACL package
supported by Samba?  Also, can the setting of ACL permissions be done with
the Windows 2000 interface?  The current functionality of setting the file
permissions does not work in Win2k.
One last question, is there a searchable archive of this list?
Bill Town
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