ACL and Redhat

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I had a samba 2.2.2-pre built with acl support, running on a rh 7.1-2.4.9
patched kernel and ext2 filesystem. ACLs were fine, just like Windows ones.
I was able to set permissions for several users/groups (beyond
user/group/world of unix), all thru windows 2000 clients.

Worked like a charm, but I had to stop using acls because I needed quotas,
and they don't work that well on linus 2.4.x kernels... So I had to get back
to valid users... :(


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The file permission setting in 2000 is limited to the corresponding ones in
Unix - ie user/group/world.  You can therefore play with those but you
cannot, for instance, have mulitple combinations of groups/users.  It is a
little restrictive but should change with ext3.  Also, in most cases file
permissions beyond the unix ones are not necessary - and any others can be
handled with the 'valid user/group=' smb.conf parameter.
To get ACLs wokring you need to compile with --with-acl option.
See for more info.
The searchable archive is
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Hi all- 
I have Redhat 7.1 running with Samba 2.2.1a.  Where can I get an ACL package
supported by Samba?  Also, can the setting of ACL permissions be done with
the Windows 2000 interface?  The current functionality of setting the file
permissions does not work in Win2k.
One last question, is there a searchable archive of this list?
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