Samba + CUPS + HP8500N

Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] gustavo.michels at
Fri Oct 5 11:36:03 GMT 2001

Hello people,

I am having trouble with one unique printer using Samba and CUPS, for
Windows 2000 clients.

Versions: CUPS 1.1.10, Samba cvs source (2.2.2-pre) and RH 7.1 (2.4.3-12)

I noticed I could only print the way I wanted using the default Windows 2000
driver (HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS) AND setting the printer as a raw queue in
cups. Print test pages from CUPS are perfect (if the queue is set as

If I set the printer as a Laserjet in CUPS, the output from windows clients
is really low quality. If I set the printer as raw in cups, the output is
normal quality, but sometimes it comes out normal, sometimes comes out

I have tried HP's PCL and PS drivers for 8500N also. Both do not work under
Samba, jobs will only print if the user is declared admin user (root) in
smb.conf , otherwise there's an error (the page failed to print), like if
the samba spool dir was not 777.

I do have several Laserjets here, including 4550N, 4000N, 1100A, all print
perfectly from CUPS (queues set as Laserjet) and Windows 2000 clients, using
HP's PCL drivers.

Anyone could give me a light?


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