Memory/CPU usage

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Fri Oct 5 09:48:02 GMT 2001

did you change smb.conf after upgrade

what were the parameters used when compiling samba2.2.1a
list them out if you remember them

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Subject: Memory/CPU usage

Yesterday I upgraded a solaris 2.6 box running samba 2.0.6 to
samba 2.2.1a.  The new version seems to want almost 4 times
as much memory as 2.0.6.  It is running on a Sun E3500 with
4 processors and 2GB of RAM.  During an average day there
could be 300-400 smbd processes running.  Below is a little cut
of a few running under samba 2.0.6.

  6946 root       1  58    0 4400K 2872K sleep   0:00  0.16% smbd
21814 root       1  38    0 4400K 2896K sleep   0:00  0.13% smbd
  5388 root       1  58    0 4400K 2872K sleep   0:00  0.10% smbd
  5698 root       1  58    0 2584K 2232K sleep   3:55  0.10% nmbd
  7079 root       1  54    0 4392K 2768K sleep   0:00  0.09% smbd
15263 root       1  54    0 4400K 2976K sleep   0:03  0.07% smbd
  6857 root       1  58    0 4400K 2864K sleep   0:00  0.07% smbd
  6864 root       1  58    0 4400K 2864K sleep   0:00  0.07% smbd

When I upgraded each process wanted 15MB of RAM and several of
them started gobbling up CPU usage.  This eventually brought the
system to a state where other applications could not function properly.
Restarting samba was a temporary fix but the problem quickly repeated
itself under a load.  We have been stable with samba 2.0.6 for well over
a year and 2.2.1a appears to be working on our other 7 servers that have
a lower load.  We had to fall back to v2.0.6 yesterday afternoon.  Does
anyone have any ideas on what I could try to resolve this problem?



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