domain -> winbind fails after PDC reboot

Noel Kelly nkelly at
Fri Oct 5 08:25:02 GMT 2001


I have a problem which keeps recurring even though I have tried all the
different strains of Samba (although it seems to be a WINBIND problem
really).  I am currently running the latest CVS for Samba 2.2 under Redhat

What happens is this:

1. Our Windows 2000 PDC (mixed mode) comes up.
2. SAMBA/winbind is started.
3. The clients can browse the shares and everything is jolly.
4. The PDC is rebooted and comes up.
5. The clients can no longer see the SAMBA shares and after the usual 30sec
timeout a user/pass box is thrown up on the clients.
6. Winbind is restarted
7. Everything is rosy again.

Is this normal ?  I must admit I have not tried it yet with a BDC to take
over the winbind requests when the PDC reboots - perhaps this is the
solution.  Neither have I tried using an NT PDC.

Just seems odd to have to restart winbind after a DC reset.  I thought the
SAMBA security=domain setting was to make SAMBA only request domain
authentication when required - which would imply that SAMBA should
automatically reconnect to the PDC once it was available again.  Seemingly
winbind 'dies' when the PDC disappears and needs to be re-run to find the DC

Am I barking up the wrong tree here ?


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