Samba, Solaris, and print jobs gone missing

Robert M. Martel bob at
Fri Oct 5 07:44:02 GMT 2001

	Greetings, All,

	I have a Sun 420R running Solaris 8, Samba 2.2.1a, and using the stock 
System V print spooler system printing to HP printers using webjetadmin to 
manage the printers. 
	We have seen a problem come up where the print jobs from client PCs 
"disappear" and are never printed.  The print jobs look to be queuing up, but 
quickly leave the print queue never having been printed.  What seems very odd is 
that print jobs sent from a command line on the UNIX host print just fine to the 
same printer.  Stopping and restarting Samba has no effect on this problem, but 
stopping and restarting the print spooler (lpsched) does.
	If I disable a printer, I can see client PC print jobs enter the queue 
for the printer.  If I send some print jobs from the command line, I see those 
queue up as well.  When I enable the printer, the only jobs that come out the 
far end are the ones sent from the command line.
	Seems very odd that only Samba clients are affected, but it is resetting 
the spooler that fixes the problem, for a time, then the problem comes back.  
Not running out of disk space on any file system, and the machine itself is 
lightly loaded.  In the past odd Samba problems were corrected with a quick 
stop/restart of samba.  I'm not at all sure how this printing interaction is 
taking place.
	Anyone else seen/solved a problem like this?
	Bob Martel
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