rpcclient with enumprinters command

Frank Knorscheidt frank.knorscheidt at cd-jena.de
Fri Oct 5 06:25:07 GMT 2001

Hi all together,

I'm using SAMBA-2.2.0 on SuSe Linux 7.2 and everything works fine except
any printig problems with the new "printer drivers download" feature. 
After download from new printer drivers to the samba machine everything
works fine. 

Always when i reboot my linux box i can´t install a printer driver on
my  nt boxes because the printer has no available printer driver.

When i use rpcclient with the enumprinters command i get the following

$ ./rpcclient swk-rint -U admin -c 'enumprinters'
Enter Password:
rpc_api_pipe: cmd 26 on pipe 703e failed to return data.

When i use rpcclient with the setdriver command and set the right driver
to the printer it works fine again and i can install the printers on my
nt boxes.   

Because i have more than 50 printers on the linux box it is not a good
thing to do this work after every reboot

How can i solve this problem.

Any ideas?

with best regards from Jena

Frank Knorscheidt
system engineer
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