Bug or problem?

manuel crotti at hi-think.it
Fri Oct 5 02:50:02 GMT 2001

Hi, I've a samba 2.2 working as PDC for a "Micro$oft network"
I've also a linux box, I mounted a shared directory on my linux FS via

"mount -t smbfs ...."

and it was all OK, then my Linuxbox crashed (problems with X)
and I can log in my PDC only as guest!!!!! when I try to access via a 
normal account, it takes a while and then:

session setup failed: code 0


I can log on to the server via all the other clients (Win2K - sigh!-) 
and I can log on all the other clients via my liux box! Tried to 
reinstall samba, Linux, .... without results.

Is this a bug or (probably) am I a bug? please give me some information!

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