"Access Denied" when trying to rename a file from win2k

Kourosh Ghassemieh kourosh at loop.com
Thu Oct 4 14:43:02 GMT 2001


Try creating a file again and then compare the permissions as well as the owner
and group of the newly created file and a file you can't delete.  You may 
be creating
the files as a different user.

Hope this helps.

At 04:28 PM 10/4/2001 -0700, christopher j bottaro wrote:
>i'm new to samba, don't really know much besides getting the samba server 
>up and running.  i have redhat-7.1 running samba on one machine and i 
>access my home from my win2k machine.  i can listen to my mp3's, etc from 
>win2k, but when i try to rename from win2k, i get the access denied 
>message.  also, in my mp3s dir, i can create a new file, edit/rename it, 
>delete it, etc, but files that already exist, i can't rename for some 
>reason.  the permissions on the linux side are set for read/write/execute 
>for the user.  what is wrong?  can anyone answer this problem or defer me 
>to some reading or documentation about this?
>thank you,

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