smbfs very slow

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Oct 4 13:04:03 GMT 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Hactar wrote:

> No.  It hangs regardless (presumably in the same place).

Ok, I have other reports of things failing with longer dir listings /
larger dircache operations. I'll probably do some ls/find tests this

How much memory does the linux box have? And does it improve things if you
try to minimize your memory use?

> I see that too, 141 of them to 113 "110"s.

How far apart? And do they relate to the mount being idle?

The server shouldn't disconnect unless it is idle (or perhaps if the
client is misbehaving). But smbfs sometimes misdetects certain signals as
a network error and drops the connection. But that should give a "512".

> I tried to use smbclient's "tar" option ("tar c pipename filename" in
> smbclient, "tar xf - < pipename" in another shell), and it stopped after
> about 24M/213 files/19 dirs, with "code 0 opening remote file" on all
> subsequent files, plus a 20-second timeout for each file.  It appears to
> stop at seemingly-random points.  While it's stopped, I can connect by
> another smbclient and browse the offending directory.

No idea. smbclient bug?


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