SmbMount Problem

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Oct 4 10:06:02 GMT 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Giovanni Affuso wrote:

> my problem is after a random time the process smbmount it isn't present in 
> the my list of process, I must umounting  the disks and re-mounting.
> I hope that You have understand my problem.

Ok, I thought you saw the messages and thought they signalled an error.

See my other reply to Rasjid Wilcox (Broken pipe on ls after doing mount), 
for possible workarounds (except that you already run 2.4 so for you that 
did not help).

If you get a smbmount.log in the 'log file' directory I am interested in 
seeing the last couple of entries in it.


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