Many smbd processes per user

Patrick_Scannell at Patrick_Scannell at
Thu Oct 4 07:31:02 GMT 2001

This happened to me when the smb server share harddrive was failing.  A new
drive fixed the problem.


We're encountering severe load problems associated with multiple smbd
processes running per user.  As an example below, this user has only five
files open yet many smbd's running.  Is there a reason for this
occurring?  I've been experimenting with file locking etc to try and get
around it.


tim at hostname:~> smbstatus -u yunjeng -S
INFO: Debug class all level = 1   (pid 3077 from pid 3077)

Samba version 2.2.1a
Service      uid      gid      pid     machine
yunjeng      yunjeng  student    939   ss-pc-40 ( Thu Oct  4
:50 2001
yunjeng      yunjeng  student   2342   ss-pc-40 ( Thu Oct  4

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