How do I Share specific printers in my printcap

Mac dmccann at
Thu Oct 4 06:30:08 GMT 2001

>Hi all:
>I have a couple of printers in my printcap file but would only like to
>share one of those printers. How can I go about this:

Dont' have a section called [printers] and don't use 'auto load
printers' (or whatever it's called).

Then just have a section named the same as the printer in printcap and
make sure you set 'printable=yes':-

        printer driver=HP LaserJet 2100 Series PCL 6
        comment=HP LaserJet 2100TN

'path' is used to store the spool files, so needs to be at least as big
as the biggest print job sent (preferably bigger), and 'printer driver'
is only needed if you're using Auto-Installing Printer Drivers (using

All of the above based on 1.9.18p8, but I don't think that much has
changed in 2.x

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