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Thu Oct 4 04:52:02 GMT 2001

c.m.e.reniers at wrote:
> Hello,
> Last week I submitted a problem with msdfs on samba.
> I didn't receive any reaction. I've also tried the samba-cvs version
> but this
> has also problems.
> We really like to use msdfs from samba, because we want to put all our
> homedirectories
> ( more than 4000 ) in one dfsroot. This is not possible with
> Microsoft's dfs because this
> has a limit of 1000 .... I didn't found this limit in the samba
> implementation of dfs.
> We can mount a drive on NT4 to a samba dfs share.
> And in explorer we can access this drive and walk trough the
> directories and files
> in this share. But after 10-15 minutes ( in which we don't access the
> share ), when
> we access the share again, we got error messages that the a file or
> directory
> is no longer available. Going back to the root of the share solves
> this problem.

While I'm not a DFS expert, this sounds very much like the NT server
idleing the connection.  You might want to look into registry hacks to
keep the connection open.  My understanding is that once the referal is
read the samba server is no longer involved in the transation, but I may
need to be corrected.

> I can create debug log files etc, can somebody who implemented dfs on
> samba
> please email me.
> ( We are use samba on HP/UX 11.00 )
> Regards,
> Eddy Reniers,
> Philips Research Laboratorie
> Department Computer Services,  \
> Eindhoven, The Netherlands
> Email  : c.m.e.reniers at

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