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Last week I submitted a problem with msdfs on samba.
I didn't receive any reaction. I've also tried the samba-cvs version but 
has also problems.

We really like to use msdfs from samba, because we want to put all our 
( more than 4000 ) in one dfsroot. This is not possible with Microsoft's 
dfs because this
has a limit of 1000 .... I didn't found this limit in the samba 
implementation of dfs.

We can mount a drive on NT4 to a samba dfs share.
And in explorer we can access this drive and walk trough the directories 
and files
in this share. But after 10-15 minutes ( in which we don't access the 
share ), when
we access the share again, we got error messages that the a file or 
is no longer available. Going back to the root of the share solves this 

I can create debug log files etc, can somebody who implemented dfs on 
please email me.

( We are use samba on HP/UX 11.00 )


Eddy Reniers,
Philips Research Laboratorie
Department Computer Services,  \
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Email  : c.m.e.reniers at
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