With W2K SP2, Profile download doesnt work any more

hintzen at thch.uni-bonn.de hintzen at thch.uni-bonn.de
Thu Oct 4 01:58:04 GMT 2001


after installing SP2 of Windows 2000, downloading of the profile does 
not work any more. We use samba 2.2.2pre with security=domain and 
server=* (PDC is NT4SP6). So athentification is done by the NT4 server.

The problem seems to be an authentification problem between 
the NT4 server and the W2K client. Even if I try to get the
profile directly from the NT4 server, it does not work. There are 
the same 2 error messages: 

1. Cannot copy file ... (one of profile files): Access denied
2. Could not copy profile, using local profile, which will be lost 
after the session.

Any idea what the reason is, and how to solve the problem??

Knut Hintzen
Knut Hintzen
Institut fuer Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie
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